Multiply Your Healthcare Practice with Your Own Mobile App

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Improve Patient Engagement

Assist your patient at every step of your service. From seeking an appointment to sending medication reminders delivery and beyond.

Brand Identity

Create a branding for your Healthcare practice. Let your app do the talking about your business.

Increase productivity

Be more structured, professional and organized. Have marketing tools in your pocket to engage your patients.


Mobile App with Cloud storage to store Patient data

We provide your hospital with your own branded application. Our cloud-based mobility solution will ensure speed, efficiency, usability and high availability along with security as we understand the importance of securing the sensitive patient data. Our solution is equipped with easy to read, configurable displays. We ensure the best experience for your patients, Doctors and hospital staff while you see your hospital business grow.

Reasons why your Hospital needs a mobile App.

  1. Cost reduction.
  2. Improved productivity.
  3. Improved Quality of Service.
  4. Cutting down the transaction latency.
  5. Ready access to critical health and medical records enabling faster and better decision making.
  6. Improved Experience Quotient for both Doctor and Patient.
  7. Alerts to Patients and Doctors.
  8. Enterprise class secure environment guarantee.
  9. Confidentiality.

Awesome features

Praxileit connects patients and doctors with awesome features on a Mobile App


Documents Management

Allows your patients to store and retrieve their e-prescriptions and e-reports on their mobile phones anytime, anywhere.

Medication Reminder

Have a challenge remembering your medication schedule? Our app will enable you to set reminders to ensure you dont miss your dose.

Linking with Diagnostics

We help you choose an appropriate Diagnostic center for all investigations recommended.


Social media integration lets you drive patient engagement with your own sovereign.

Convenience for Doctors & businesses

Doctors can access the reports, prescriptions & appointments anytime and anywhere, thus enabling faster and better services.


Patient Profile Management

Create your profile. Add your family to the app and harvest all the benefits of the app.

Push Notifications

Hard to keep track of your appointments? We will remind you via notifications.....

Linking with Pharmacy

No waiting at the medical shop... Send your e-prescription to the pharmacy and just walk in and pick your medicines at the counter.

Payment Processing

The in-built payment processing system allows the patient to pay directly from the app for products and services.

Mobility Solutions for Patient comfort

No more long waiting hours to meet your Doctor. Book an appointment at the click of a button.


Be available wherever your Patients are

On an average, Indian consumers spend over 3 hours a day on their smartphones every day. Branded Mobile App is the best place to engage with them.

Create your own direct marketing channel

Interact with your patients through your own hospital app. Notify them your latest offerings and keep them updated.

Provide more value to your patients beyond usual.

Create a Relationship! Communicate with your patients and let them communicate with you. Create an endless connection through social media as well).

Let your patients locate you

Show them all your branches where you provide consultancy. Let them choose any branch and seek an appointment. Oh! yes, again from your own single app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on Praxileit? Please read the FAQs. We hope all your questions and concerns are answered.

Getting Started

Praxileit is an Outpatient Management System. It consists of app for the Doctor, Patient and an Admin console.

It enables the patients to look up for the doctor and schedule an appointment, store and access his reports, prescriptions for future reference via the app.

Enables the doctors to better Organize their schedules, access their patients reports etc on their mobiles.

Send reminder notifications for appointments, re-visits, medication etc

Integrates with the Pharmacy, Diagnostic centers.

Praxileit can be easily deployed for Clinics, Small and Medium hospitals.

A mobile app can increase revenue, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, social media engagement, visit frequency to your location, and can have many other benefits. The opportunities created by apps for small businesses are valuable and extraordinarily cost-effective.
In addition, mobile technology is growing very quickly, and is already overtaking desktop computing in many places. If you want to connect with your patients, mobile is fast-becoming the most popular channel available.

iOS apps – that work on Apple devices like iPhones and iPads

Android apps – that work on Samsung, Google, HTC, and other devices

Windows apps-- that work on windows phones such as Nokia lumia and other devices

(I’m embarrassed to ask, but what’s an “app?”)

Once upon a time, a mobile phone just made calls. Now, only the most basic mobile phones are call-only. Instead, modern smartphones are powerful mini-computers that can run programs called “apps.”

When your business puts out an app, patients can download it to their smartphone and interact with your business on the go. They can perform whatever functions you choose, from simple things to looking up your phone number, location, or upcoming events, to more complicated things like submitting orders or sending a message to a customer service rep.

They increase revenue. By making it easy for patients to contact your business, visit your location, hear about promotions, and provide referrals, you can increase your revenue. Because apps are mobile, your patients can do any of these things from any location, which makes your business more accessible than ever before.

Online orders have been found to be up to 25% larger! This includes orders submitted through apps. Mobile users also submit orders more frequently.Mobile coupons are redeemed at 10x the rate of print coupons.

70% of people contact a business after a mobile search, but almost half will head to a competing site if the mobile experience is poor.

They increase patient satisfaction. Mobile apps, especially those that include loyalty programs, keep patients happy, which increases retention and referral rates.

Loyalty programs can increase sales by 20% or more!

They increase social media engagement. By making it easy to post about your business to social media platforms, you make it more likely that a patient will do so. This can turn patients into brand promoters, and help boost revenue.

Push notifications have been found to lead to a 30% increase in social media engagement.

They help you compete. Customers have come to expect mobile interaction from almost every business. By offering an app or mobile website, you can get ahead of competitors that do not.

20% of Pharmacies already have online ordering, and the number is climbing. Don’t get left behind!

On demand analytics

On going marketing support

On-call customer service

Business account manager

Mobile marketing specialist

Free updates

Storage space for your data

and lot more !!!

What next?

All you need to do is enrol with us, provide us certain necessary information and sit back till we get back to you with your app, isn’t that sounds easy? Our business consulting team will contact you once we enrol you as our customer. You need to provide information whichever is asked by the team by this they will capture the information needed to create your business app.

Praxileit is a platform which is required to be configured to serve you best with your requirements. An average duration taken is from 15-20days max.

Pricing & Account

Every customer will be allocated with one business account manager, who will be responsible for taking care of you. Kindly contact your business account manager for assistance.

Praxileit pricing is very competitive with host of customised services, it costs nothing really. Praxileit is very light on your pocket. We offer two plans for Praxileit App.

Premium Plan

Regular Plan

These plans include:

Praxileit App

Monthly Subscription fees

Technical Support

Plus one month FREE marketing